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Satin Passes

Satin Passes were designed as backstage passes or temporary access passes for the concert, tour, festival, sporting and special events industry. These satin stickies are the perfect solution to your temporary backstage pass needs for concerts, festivals, tours, award shows, sporting events and large scale special events.


Satin Passes are a great security solution for temporary backstage passes for the concert and festival industry. These passes can be used to distinguish VIP guests, media, onsite crew, and other personnel. These passes can be printed in a different color for every stop along your tour or every day of your festival. Additional security measures can be added to these passes through the use of custom shapes or custom foiling on the pass to deter counterfeiting. Talk to us about combining your satin passes with our ISE Credentials for a complete tour package.

ISE Laminates are great for:

Design & Build

Don't forget you can always add foiling or serial numbers to your passes for added security.

Make sure to download the proper template from our Artwork Guidlelines Page.

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